Read: Zach Parise Talks With Agent About Departure

Zach Parise rumors continue with The Hockey News reporting that Parise has met with his agent about leaving New Jersey this summer. They cite several reasons as to why Parise wants to leave.

The first one is the financial trouble the team is going through right now. Another is the team’s inability to make to make it past the second round of the playoffs. Third is that Parise is not playing left wing due to Ilya Kovalchuk taking that position on the top line.

As if the trade speculation this week with Parise going to LA was bad enough to hear this makes his departure that much more inevitable. If the Devils don’t make a deal by the trade deadline he seems like his days as a Devil are numbered.

A must read!

Injury Report: Zajac Getting Closer To Coming Back

“He’ll continue to skate for a week and a half or 2 weeks. If everything goes well he’ll practice with team in 2 weeks.”-Lou Lamoriello on Travis Zajac’s return to the team after recovering from Achilles surgery.

Travis Zajac is still recovering from Achilles surgery but he is getting much closer to coming back. If all goes to plan for Zajac he could be playing by Christmas.

This would be a very good thing for the Devils since they have been lacking down the center. Zajac will only help produce more goals.

Read: Next Three Games Can Be Dangerous. I Think Not.

The Bleacher Report has an article on how the next three games for the Devils can be “dangerous”. The next three games start off with a home game against the Columbus Blue Jackets and then a home and home series with the Islanders.

Both teams are at the bottom of each conference. If the Devils can get back to how they have been playing when their road trip started, they should have no problem getting at least 5 points out of 6 points.

Give it a read.

Analysis: Other Potential Suitors For Parise

Now for the record I would like to start off by saying that is NOT fact in any sort of way. This is a look at other teams that Parise would fit well with along with providing a valuable return for the Devils if they are to deal away Parise.

So far this season Parise has not been lighting the lamp as much as we all had hoped. He has just 6 goals and 5 assists in 19 games with a -5 rating while playing on the top line with Henrique and Kovalchuk. Despite the numbers he has been playing very well defensively which maybe just as important as scoring considering the Devils’ defense.

Parise signed a 1 year contract this summer. Everyone had assumed that it was the kiss of death and began to think that Parise’s days in New Jersey were numbered. So trade speculation and rumors are not anything to be surprised about. A couple days ago there was word that the Devils were in talks with the Los Angeles Kings about exchanging Parise for Jonathan Bernier and a top forward. But lets go over some teams that would provide a great return for the Devils in the event that Parise is dealt.

Keep in mind I am looking at the salary cap when it comes to these “deals” so there is no chance they are not possible due to the cap. If you do not know Parise is set to make $6 million this season.

I strongly believe that if Parise is going to be dealt its going to be by a team that is in a “win now” mentality along with giving something back to the Devils. Some other teams that come to mind are the Minnesota Wild and Washington Capitals.

Minnesota Wild

The Minnesota Wild made some big moves this summer in acquiring Dany Heatley and Devin Setoguchi from the San Jose Sharks in different deals. Even though the Wild are 1st in the Western Conference they are 28th in the NHL in goals per game. They are going to have to score more goals if they want to keep winning. Who better to be scoring than Zach Parise?

Now the Devils are going to be looking for a goaltender and the Wild have a good goaltender named Josh Harding. In the 7 games he has played this season he has a 1.79 GAA and a .945 save percentage. He has  potential to be a great consistent starting goaltender.

Also the Wild are going to have to throw in another player, I’m think its going to have to be someone that is going to be able to feed the puck to Kovalchuk. Even though Setoguchi just arrived with the Wild I think he could be on the move again. He would work really well with Henrique and Kovalchuk on the top line.

Harding and Setoguchi for Parise. Seems like a fair deal to me for both sides. One final point, Parise may want to go home to Minnesota.

Washington Capitals

Its has been obvious that the Capitals want to win right now. The Capitals are in no short of scoring but they need a defensive forward. Parise is just that and if Parise wants to win his best odds are in Washington. Now Parise won’t just be some offensive defensive expert but he will definitely be able to contribute on offense.

The Capitals are also at the top the of salary cap ceiling and they have one contract that is highly moveable. Alexander Semin’s contract is set to expire at the end of the year. So I think this trade would be a simple one for one trade. Semin would be great to play with Kovalchuk which maybe the solution to a more productive Kovalchuk.

Semin for Parise. One for One. I call that fair for both teams.

Read: The Devils Have Potential Buyer

It is not news that the New Jersey Devils are in a financial hell. (Yes pun intended) Pro Hockey Talk is reporting that the Devils have an interested buyer. They are in debt by $250 million but that will all go away if potential buyer Nelson Peltz erases the debt. This is very good news for the Devils considering what is happening to other NHL teams in financial crisis. Give it a look.

Final: Panthers 4 Devils 3

Scoring Summary:
First Period- Kovalchuk (4) and Sykora (4) and Zubrus (6)
Second Period-  Versteeg (10 and 11)
Third Period- Weiss (8) and Fleischmann (9)

Next Game: 11/23 vs Columbus Blue Jackets 7:00 pm.

Patrik Elias Postgame:
“That team is beatable, no question. We obviously (gave) it away this win by our mistakes.”

Peter DeBoer Postgame:
“We’re trying to score to win the game there. We’re not trying to defend for the tie. Obviously, looking back it probably wouldn’t have been a bad call, but those are decisions you make during the game.”

Team Notes:
Devils outdrew the Panthers 29-26
Panthers outshot the Devils 36-25
Devils went 0 for 3 on the power play.
Devils outhit the Panthers 33-20

Player Stats:

Read: ESPN Power Rankings Week 8

ESPN has posted this week’s power rankings. The Devils have moved up 5 spots this week from 20th to 15th. They mention the exceptional play of Adam Henrique. Give it a look.

Final: Devils 4 Lightning 2

Scoring Summary:
First Period- None
Second Period-  Zubrus (5) and Elias (8) and Clarkson (7)
Third Period- St. Louis (5) and Shannon (1) and Carter (2)

Next Game: 11/21 at Florida Panthers 7:30 pm.

Martin Brodeur Postgame:
“It’s tough to play against a system the way they don’t come at you, they sit back like that. You kind of have a better idea of what Philly went through when you do play it. You see it a lot different. But I thought we stayed with it, especially after the first period. That was a tough one for everybody to get going and the second period we really took it to them.”

Zach Parise Postgame:
“We’ve played tough teams in their buildings the last four road games and 3-1 against those guys is a good record and we’re playing well. We’re playing smart.”

Peter DeBoer Postgame:
On his timeout “We worked hard for a three-goal lead. We still had the lead and there’s only 10 minutes left. Let’s get back to what we had been doing for 50 minutes. That’s was basically the message. But it was more to give some guys a breather and just regroup a little bit.”

Team Notes:
Lightning outdrew the Devils 32-30
Devils outshot the Lightning 24-23
Devils went 2 for 8 on the power play.
Devils outhit the Lightning 26-20

Player Stats:

Discuss: Lets Say Parise Does Go To Los Angeles…

So going around the rumor mill is that Zach Parise could be headed to Los Angeles in exchange for Jonathan Bernier and a top player like Dustin Brown or Jack Johnson. Now you maybe thinking to yourself ‘Why would Lou Lamoriello trade the captain?’ There is one huge reason why. 1 year contract.

Over the summer, Parise signed a 1 year contract after being a restricted free agent. The second he signed that deal, everyone and their mothers’ started to speculate that Parise was going to leave New Jersey come this summer. Now we all knew going into the season that there was going to be a slew of rumors but something about this rumor makes a lot of sense for both teams that could lead to an actual deal.

Now lets go over what the Devils could be getting in exchange:

Jonathan Bernier is a 23 year old goaltender who is splitting time with Jonathan Quick. Its seems that at the moment Quick is going to be their main guy in net which leaves Bernier as valuable trade bait for the Kings. Last season Bernier had a record of 25-11 with a GAA of 2.48 and a .913 save percentage. Pretty good numbers if you ask me. He would bring the Devils youth in net and will be the heir to the net once Martin Brodeur retires. I’d like to see this.

Dustin Brown is currently the captain of the Kings so we know Brown could be a leader in the locker room. Last season Brown scored 28 goals and 29 assists with a +17 +/- rating. I could imagine Brown playing right wing on the first line with Kovalchuk. With that combination Brown’s assists would fly through the roof and more importantly helping Kovalchuk put more pucks in the back of the net. That is something all Devils fans want to see. That is a win in my book.

Jack Johnson is a great offensive defenseman that would be a huge help on the powerplay giving the Devils a threat on the point. If there is one thing the Devils are lacking right now is offensive defenseman. The best offensive defenseman on the Devils at the moment is Andy Greene and he has not been cutting it. Last season Johnson had 5 goals and 37 assists. Again a huge get for the Devils.

Now the Devils would have to give something back in return with Parise. My guess since there is a goaltender coming to the Devils, a goaltender is going to have to go and its not going to be Brodeur. My guess is Hedberg will be the one joining Parise on a flight to LA. Hedberg has been playing really well this season and comes with a rather cheap deal. The only thing keeping him is if he doesn’t decide to waive his no trade clause.

Only time will tell. Feel free to give your opinions on this rumor.