Injury Report: Henrique Out Against Winnipeg

Adam Henrique will be out of the lineup today as the Devils take on the Winnipeg Jets. Henrique is out due to a pulled groin. According to Coach Pete DeBoer its nothing serious but doesn’t want to risk further injury. Zubrus will take Henrique’s place on the top line with Parise and Kovalchuk.

Discuss: Will Parise Really Go Somewhere Else?

The latest bit on the Zach Parise ordeal is that although money is going to be a factor in where he plays next season he really wants to play for a team that has a shot of winning a Stanley Cup.

If you were to ask me in the beginning of the season if the Devils were a Stanley Cup team I would have said ‘absolutely not’ but as the season as gone on the Devils have had their fair share of ups and downs. Now if they continue to play how they have played in the last 18 games, during which they have gone 12-5-1, they could be a huge threat in the playoffs. If the Devils can make it to the 2nd round of the playoffs that maybe all the convincing Parise needs to stay with the club. That will ensure that the Devils can be contenders for years to come with emerging players like Adam Henrique and Adam Larsson.

Now Parise is not going to be the only one helping the team make run in the playoffs but he has a good mix of youth (Adam Henrique and Adam Larsson) and experience (Patrik Elias and Anton Volchenkov) in the lineup. This team has the opportunity to help Parise lead this team because lets face it this is Parise’s team. He is the captain, the face. Unless he goes somewhere else this will be his team.

But as the years go on the older players like Elias and Brodeur will not long be able to play. A sad day that will be but it is going to happen. With the way Lou Lamoriello has built this team in the past was through the farm system and I think he has made a lot of smart moves to where the younger guys in the minors will someday be able to come in a fill the void. IE Kinkaid for Brodeur.

Now with a current Devils’ squad that is qualified to make a run in the playoffs this year and years to come thanks to the great farm system that Lou has built. Winning in New Jersey is a very possible goal should Parise stay and lead this team. The only issue remaining is money. If Zach gives the Devils a little home town discount I’m pretty sure its safe to say he would sign in the $7 million range just because he has established himself with this team and he is the go to guy. He may not get that anywhere else that also has a shot of winning a Cup. I think the Devils can find another million to add on to Parise current 1 year $6 million deal.

I maybe complete wrong but I think Parise has all the right reasons to stay in New Jersey. He could get the money he deserves along with ability to win now and in the future. I don’t think he is going to go any where else. He is here to stay  in New Jersey.

Read: Can The Devils Win Enough To Keep Parise?

The Hockey News has posted a rumor roundup with features the impending free agency of Zach Parise. It says that Parise wants a good amount of money but overall wants to win a Stanley Cup. If the Devils want to have a shot at keeping Parise they are going to have to show this season now probably more than ever that they need to win now otherwise Parise will probably play for someone else next season. Definitely give this one a read.

In my opinion I think both parties will come to an agreement before the end of the season which may light a spark under the whole team knowing that their captain isn’t going anywhere. I think that with the young talent coming up the Devils’ system they will be able to convince Parise to stay and lead this team to a Stanley Cup. I’m sure he’d give a rather small hometown discount in signing in the $7 million range.

Final: Devils 2 Oilers 1

Scoring Summary:
First Period- None
Second Period- Kovalchuk (17)
Third Period- Hemsky (4)
Overtime- Parise (15)

Next Game: 1/14 at Winnepeg Jets 3:00 pm.

Zach Parise Postgame:
“I felt tired from the back-to-back. I don’t know if other guys did, but I sure did. It was tough to get some jump and it was tough to find offense for us, but we found a way to win it.”

Pete DeBoer Postgame:
“It was our sixth game in 10 nights, you’re on the road with some tired hockey players and I thought it was a gritty effort and a gutsy two points.”

Team Stats:
Oilers outdrew the Devils 25-24
Devils outshot the Oilers 25-23
Devils went 1 for 2 on the power play.
Devils outhit the Oilers 13-12

Player Stats:


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Final: Flames 6 Devils 3

Scoring Summary:
First Period- Bouwmeester (2) and Sarich (1) and Glencross (18) and Brodie (2)
Second Period- Kovalchuk (16) and Glencross (19) and Henrique (13)
Third Period- Elias (15) and Iginla (17)

Next Game: 1/11 at Edmonton Oilers 9:00 pm.

Martin Brodeur Postgame:
“He makes his own decision on it. I’m definitely not going to sit here and say I deserved it or whatever. I’m sure he felt it worked once in Ottawa, maybe he’d try to do it again. I don’t know his thinking process on that one.”

Pete DeBoer Postgame:
“We played right to the final buzzer, but in this league you can’t spot anybody four goals and expect to get points.”

Team Stats:
Devils tied the Flames in face off wins 31-31
Devils outshot the Flames 38-14
Devils went 1 for 4 on the power play.
Flames outhit the Devils 16-14

Player Stats:


Injury Report: Josefson Sent Down To Albany

Jacob Josefson has been sent down to Albany as he is recovering from a broken collarbone. With Josefson and Zajac returning, this is very good for the Devils to provide more depth at center. Hopefully he can make his way back up to the Devils soon.

Lineup Changes: Brodeur Starts Tonight, Hedberg Starts Tomorrow

As the Devils have two games out west in two days, both goaltenders will get a start in net. Brodeur will take on the Flames tonight and Hedberg tomorrow against the Oilers. Brodeur is coming off a 44 save effort against the Penguins on Saturday. He will get the much needed day off tomorrow.