Discuss: A Look Forward To Devils’ Goaltenders Of The Future


At the end of this season the two current Devils goaltenders’ contracts expire. For arguments sake lets say that Martin Brodeur retires and the Devils decide not to bring back Johan Hedberg. I think that the Devils should NOT go after a current NHL goaltender(s). I think the most effective way for the Devils to succeed in goal is from within their system.

Jeff Frazee and Keith Kinkaid should be the guys to fill the spots on the roster. I think that the Devils should highly consider doing what is popular in the league right now and not have a true number one goaltender but go with who is hot. Now both of these goaltenders have pretty promising stats from their play in the AHL.

Here are Kinkaid’s stats:

Not bad numbers for a rookie goaltender. I think that with some more time in the AHL this season he could be a great part of a tandem for the Devils next season. Now there maybe some growing pains but that is going to happens with any young goaltender. But if the Devils can upgrade their defense over the course of this season and off season there is no reason why Kinkaid can’t be affective in net.

Here are Frazee’s stats:

Now Frazee might have a a losing record so far this season in the AHL but look at the prior season’s stats. They are all in the same range in terms of GAA and SV%. His consistency is very good. Think that if he gets on a roll in the NHL he can be a great goaltender but if he goes on a cold streak it could be ugly for him. Again consider the growing pains but as a tandem he could be a great young goaltender for the Devils to have on their roster.

Now I know the Devils will be thinking about how they are going to be replacing the future Hall of Famer  but I think their best bets are from within. They shouldn’t have to worry about spending money on one true starting goaltender. One goaltender is not the way teams are winning. Most teams are doing a tandem much like how the Devils are doing now with Brodeur and Hedberg. Instead the Devils should focus on upgrading the defense and let the kids grow in net much like Brodeur did when his career started.