Discuss: Should The Devils Make A Move For Bobby Ryan

With the Ducks being one of the worst teams in the NHL, it seems like changes are going to be coming to the Ducks. Rumors have been swirling that Bobby Ryan could be on the move. The New Jersey native still have 5 years left on his deal at $5.1 million a year. The Devils have $3.1 million left in cap space so if they were to make a move they would need to move at least $2 million.

Now keep in mind this is NOT fact in any way. Its merely just my opinion.

Right now the Devils are one of the bubble teams to make the playoffs. Ryan’s offensive skill would definitely help the Devils’ struggling offense. I think the player that could go to Anaheim would be David Clarkson. Clarkson would be a great player that could impact the Ducks in other ways than scoring goals.

So lets say this deal happens and Clarkson goes (along with probably some draft picks and prospects) and Zajac comes back here are some good line combinations.


If you ask me that gives the Devils 4 solid lines that can provide something offensively. This gives the Devils a true right wing on the top line. Ryan is that kind of player that can push the Devils into the playoffs and possibly beyond. So in my opinion I think the Devils should go after him.

My final point I think Ryan is the kind of player that can keep the team competitive enough for Parise to want to resign even if it means taking a pay cut. Parise wants to win so if Ryan can help the Devils win he’ll stay even if its for $6 million a year.