From The Stands: What Do You Want From The NHL?


After a four-month lockout, the NHL is going to have to win back the fans, both casual and die-hard alike. The players know this. Gary Bettman knows this. The fans know this. The last time around, the teams famously painted “Thank You Fans!” just inside each team’s blue line. Somehow, such an exclamatory statement doesn’t feel appropriate this time around — although some of the artistic on-ice ideas from the Marek vs. Wyshysnki Podcast on Dec. 19 are downright hilarious. There will need to a concerted “outreach” and programs dedicated to recapturing some semblance of the NHL’s pre-lockout momentum.

Gary Bettman declined to get into specific ideas or plans yesterday, but I want to know what YOU want and need from the league, its players and its teams to help bring you back to hockey and soothe the pain from the lockout. Sounds off in the comments!