Injury Report: Still No Concussion Diagnosis For Carter

Ryan Carter was crunched during Monday’s 2-1 loss to Ottawa and left with what’s been called an upper-body injury. Is that code for a concussion? Carter was obviously woozy and admitted today to having headaches after the game, although he tried to play it off as that being the case following any big hit.

As for whether he can play Thursday in Washington, D.C., Pete DeBoer was understandably uncertain.

Corey Griffin

Look, any time you start talking about head injuries, wooziness and headaches, it’s impossible to not think about concussions. It also usually causes the team to be extremely overprotective and cautious in the diagnosis, reaction and treatment. I find it a little surprising that Carter addressed the media today, since players with concussion normally don’t speak to media until their symptoms have abated and they’re closer to returning. That makes me think that Carter might just have had his “bell rung,” although that in itself is a dangerous term to use. I’m not sure if Carter will play Thursday, but I can tell you that he definitely won’t be in the lineup if he has any semblance of lingering concussion symptoms. If Carter can’t even work out on the ice tomorrow, there’s no way he’s playing Thursday. Truth be told, I wouldn’t be surprised if they left him at home and brought him back Sunday afternoon against Winnipeg.