Injury Report: David Clarkson Says He’s Fine

David Clarkson left yesterday’s game briefly after appearing to hurt his wrist or shoulder. The entirety of Devils fans held their breath for what probably felt like an eternity before Clarkson re-emerged from the locker room and eventually hopped back on the ice.

Corey Griffin

As I wrote yesterday, the Devils cannot afford one more injury. Not one. Let alone one to a player as valuable as Clarkson. I’m not going to get on my “no depth” soapbox today, but I’ll just point out that injuries like this are going to come with Clarkson’s style of play. Unfortunately for the Devils, they’re starting to pile up right now. First it was the stiff back, not a jammed wrist and I’ve got to imagine the rest of his body is pretty sore, as well. Once Ryan Carter returns from his “upper-body injury,” I think it might be time for give Clarkson a couple of maintenance days to keep him from wearing down during this compact schedule.