Camp Watch: Stefan Matteau Unlikely To Stick This Season

Stefan Matteau is the lone underage junior player in training camp this year, but is unlikely to stick around after his season’s five-game limit for juniors players.

Corey Griffin

Although the first-round pick is a pretty safe NHL prospect to predict, it’s better in the long run if Matteau doesn’t stick around — for a number of reasons. He won’t turn 20 until 20 until April, 2014 and there’s no reason to start his entry-level clock now. Yes, the Devils could use more forwards, particularly those with a nose for the net, but Matteau’s game at this point is better suited for a third- or fourth-line and the Devils have enough of those for the time being. Let the kid learn and get used to an NHL camp, albeit a shortened one, and then send him back after five games and maybe you give him a closer look next year. Although, to be honest, I’d expect him to spend a little time in Albany at some point unless he completely blows the Devils brass away.