Devils recall Cam Janssen

The Devils have recalled Cam Janssen from the Albany Devils.

He will wear No. 25.

Dave Turner

Chalk this one up as confusing move by the Devils. Cam Janssen has been given an opportunity to play for this team time and time again, yet he shows exactly what he is, an enforcer and nothing more.

Janssen is a marginally skilled player who can fight. Okay, so now the Devils have an enforcer in the lineup. That may come in handy at one point or another, but to sit someone with any sort of offensive talent at his expense makes no sense.

Assuming that he’ll end up on the fourth line, that basically takes away any ability for that line to do anything positive. He doesn’t have the forechecking skills, or the skating ability to work the kind of system that the “CBGB” line implements.

How exactly does this move make the Devils a better team? To me, it just doesn’t. Rostislav Olesz wasn’t exactly wowing during his tenure in red and black, but he had some forechecking ability and he had two assists on the year.

Also, to put Janssen on the roster and not play him is an even bigger waste of a roster space.

Take this for example; In his four games last season, Janssen was a minus-45.33 in Corsi rating. Basically, when his line was on the ice, they generated nothing offensively, while getting bombarded with shots in their own end.

If the goal is to constantly improve this team, then this move is as puzzling as any. Though Olesz wasn’t stellar by any means, he certainly brought a lot more to this club than Janssen can.