Shady Comcast TV Doings No. 275: No Explanation For DirecTV Blackout

There was an interesting contradiction in broadcast land Tuesday night that was criminally under-reported, except by the criminally underrated Rich Chere. Tuesday night’s Flyers-Devils game was blacked out on DirecTV in New Jersey, but carried in Philadelphia.

Chere wonders:

The Flyers had already had two games taken by NBC, so that would have been the third had the team not been permitted to televise the game. Comcast owns both NBC and the Flyers.

On the flip side, NBCSN has two Devils games– April 18 in Philadelphia and April 25 against the Penguins– but MSG will be allowed to broadcast those matches to better serve the metropolitan area market.

Shady broadcasting tactics by Comcast that serve the Flyers and hurt the Devils? What?! That never happens! Next thing you’ll be telling me three of the Flyers’ first four games are being broadcast on national TV channels owned by their the guy who owns their team.