Period Analysis: Flyers-Devils After Two (1/22/2013)

And we’re through two…

  • Gettin’ heated: Two major scrums in that period and something tells me they won’t be the last. The Flyers are panicked, desperate and clearly under pressure not to gall to 0-3 on the season. If the Flyers don’t a goal early in the third to make it a game, look for them to try to make the game more fight than flow.
  • Matty on the offensive: Stefan Matteau had, by my count, at least three legit scoring opportunities there, one of which came on a wraparound that nearly went in. We’ve already see throw his body around and get physical, but it’s his scoring potential and strong shot that might force the Devils to keep him around (which I think is a longshot).
  • Hockey cliche: They say your goalie is your best penalty killer. So far this season, that couldn’t be more true. Marty kept the Devils’ asses out of the fire Saturday a couple times and he continues to keep the Devils in it tonight. His sliding stacked pads save is one of the best of the this young season and just shows why Marty is the best to every play the position.
  • Momentum?: The Flyers killed off a big 5-on-3 and then generated some pressure immediately afterward. That’s no coincidence. Look for the Flyers to come out on fire to start the third and try to press the Devils into a mistake. An early goal would put Philly back in this game and give the Flyers some hope.
  • What more can I say?: Did you see that stick work by Kovy on that short-handed penalty-shot goal? And that nifty little shoulder fake? My god. He’s got gifts for days on days on days. And how did he get that penalty shot? By seeing a chance on the PK to force the issue at center ice and using his size and speed to — you guessed it — create an opportunity. Kovy’s skill + goal factory = that goal.