Mighty Morphin Power Rankings: Devils On The Move

With a week of the season gone by, it’s time to evaluate those completely meaningless forms of measuring which teams have suddenly won or lost a couple games within a week, it’s POWER RANKINGS TIME!

This week: 5
Last week: 16
Reasoning: OK, I know they lost in Montreal on Sunday, but I want to give the Devils their due. Missing 52 goals after the exits of Zach Parise and Petr Sykora, New Jersey made a statement in the opening week that life will go on. It’s the Devils’ way.

This week: 11
Last week: 14
Reasoning: They’ve picked up points in every game so far. Perhaps they could be higher, but I’m still in wait-and-see mode. … If early indications say anything, Martin Brodeur’s tank still isn’t empty.

Yahoo! Sports
This week: 5
Last week: N/A
Reasoning: This perpetual winning machine captured the Stanley Cup the last time the NHL force-fed us a 48-game season &ndash: and with the very same goalie, if you can believe it.

FOX Sports
This week: 6
Last week: 21
Reasoning: It’s way too early to talk about a repeat trip to the Stanley Cup Final. The Devils haven’t lost yet in regulation, but they’ve faced either non-contenders (Canadiens and Islanders) or sputtering teams (Flyers and Capitals).

As for the clip above — Since the only thing more ridiculous than these rankings and the outsized uproar they cause was everyone’s favorite 90’s super heroes, expect a different Power Rangers clip every week. The awesome intro seemed the best fit for the first run.