PSA: Service Interruption

Hey readers, just a heads up that the site won’t be updated as frequently over the next three days. Before I took this gig, I had made plans to go out of town this weekend and thus won’t be able to watch either the Penguins or Islanders games. There will be some links here and there and if anything breaking happens, either myself or Adam Rotter of SNY Rangers will make sure the news gets posted. There will be game previews up for each game, but no “postgame thoughts,” since I’ll be out of market and the NHL’s free preview expired yesterday, I believe.

I also wanted to use this to say thank you to all of you who have been reading this site before I came along and to any new readers we might have. The traffic numbers the last three weeks have been great and I really appreciate all you guys checking the site. I’m always looking for ways to connect with Devils fans and readers, so if you have any ideas or suggestions for things I can do here, please let me know. I’m all ears. Just leave them in the comments and if I can’t respond this weekend, I’ll respond as soon as I get back on Monday night.

Anyway, thanks again folks and enjoy Super Bowl weekend!