Read: 5 Reasons Why Brodeur Should Be Replaced…Eh Maybe Not

Bleacher Report comprised a list of reasons why the Devils should bench Martin Brodeur. The reasons are: Age, Goals Against Average, Keith Kinkaid, Johan Hedberg and finally One More For Marty.

Yes it is a know fact that Brodeur is one of the older goaltenders in the league and some of his play has showed it. But I think that he is still a competitive enough goaltender to play. Maybe he shouldn’t be playing as much as he is but he should not be replaced by any means.

Goals Against Average. Just look at the defense in front of him and how they have been playing. Anybody’s goals against average is going to go up with the way they have been playing. Weak excuse to me.

Keith Kinkaid is playing rather well in Albany and quite possible can be the heir to the net for the Devils in due time. But this is his rookie year in Albany and even though his play is good I think it is too quick to be bringing him up to the big leagues.

Johan Hedberg should definitely be getting more starts in net. Out of this entire list I think this one makes the most sense. Hedberg has been at times outplaying Brodeur and should only be another reason as to why Brodeur should be getting less starts. But Hedberg should not be the main guy in net but instead more of a tandem.

The “One More For Marty” reason to me is not a valid reason why. I could understand if Marty had not won a Stanley Cup (i.e. The end of Ray Bourque’s career) but Marty has accomplished everything a goaltender can achieve along with 3 Stanley Cups. So is there a need to replace Brodeur for that reason. Absolutely not.

Give it a look.