Rumblings: Devils-Isles Opener On Jan. 19?

Although the schedule has been repeatedly termed as “fluid,” it seems obvious the NHL is preparing for a MASSIVE opening day and night with almost every team on the docket. Some teams, particularly in the Atlantic, have had their tentative openers leaked. While the Devils remain tight-lipped, it’s seems pretty obvious if you follow the breadcrumbs:

Which, as Gulitti points out, leaves the Devils, Islanders, Sabres, Lightning and Hurricanes floating in the wind, so to speak. Due to the East have 15 teams, either one or three of those teams will have to be idle Saturday and given the NHL’s apparent attempt to blow the speakers out the box, we’d put our money on the former. Which leads one to think…

The schedule will be released as soon as the player electronically ratify the CBA, which is expected to happen on Saturday.

It’s not exactly a premiere opponent, but it’s a rivalry game nonetheless. What say you? Yay or nay on opening the season on the Island?