Read: ESPN Power Rankings Week 27

ESPN has posted their weekly power rankings. The Devils have moved up 5 spots from last week to the 8th spot.  The Devils have been playing better from last week including winning their last 3 games over the Blackhawks, Lightning and Hurricanes. They are hitting stride at a good time right before the playoffs.

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ESPN has posted their power rankings for the week. After how well the Devils have been since the All Star break it should not surprise anyone that they have cracked the top 5 in the power rankings and 4th place in the East. The Devils offense has been phenomenal, scoring almost at will. ESPN points out at the Devils have not given up 3 goals in almost a month. The Devils can thank the strong play of their defense and Martin Brodeur returning to a form we have come to know from the future Hall of Famer.

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ESPN has posted their weekly power rankings. In a week where the Devils looked like one of the hottest teams in the NHL they fell in the power rankings all thanks to their last two losses to the St. Louis Blues and Florida Panthers. They had a lead in both losses and came up short. Just days before the Devils were playing extremely well against the Rangers and Flyers and Penguins. Last week they were ranked 8th now they are 10th. Give this a read.

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ESPN has posted their weekly power rankings. The Devils are ranked 14th despite losing two straight to the Bruins and Flyers. There is one more game for the Devils before the All Star break against the Sabres tomorrow. If the Devils can notch a victory against the Sabres and then rest going into the break there should be no reason why the Devils can’t come out of the break and make an even more serious playoff push to advance in the standings.

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ESPN posted their weekly power rankings. Last week the Devils were ranked 23rd after a bad stretch of games but the Devils have really bounced back winning 6 of 7 games. The most important thing is that the top line of Parise-Henrique-Kovalchuk have been generating a lot of goals. Finally. Give it a read.

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ESPN posted its weekly power rankings. Last week the Devils were ranked 25th but have moved up two spots this week. They are ranked 23rd this week. Even though the Devils played better this week they are still one of the underperforming teams in the NHL.

As ESPN put in their description the Devils need more from Ilya Kovalchuk, Zach Parise and Martin Brodeur. These guys are suppose to be leading the team and they are not. This is a contract year for Zach Parise and even though all aspects of his game are rather well his numbers are very low. If he wants the big money and a chance to win he has to step it up.

Give it a read.

Read: ESPN Power Rankings Week 10

ESPN posted its power rankings today. And as expected the Devils fell but not by much despite losing the last four games. The fell from 24th to 25th. They bring up the point that the Devils are ranked 27th in the league in goals per game. There is no excuse for them to be that low considering the talent they have. Give it a look.