Discuss: Lets Say Parise Does Go To Los Angeles…

So going around the rumor mill is that Zach Parise could be headed to Los Angeles in exchange for Jonathan Bernier and a top player like Dustin Brown or Jack Johnson. Now you maybe thinking to yourself ‘Why would Lou Lamoriello trade the captain?’ There is one huge reason why. 1 year contract.

Over the summer, Parise signed a 1 year contract after being a restricted free agent. The second he signed that deal, everyone and their mothers’ started to speculate that Parise was going to leave New Jersey come this summer. Now we all knew going into the season that there was going to be a slew of rumors but something about this rumor makes a lot of sense for both teams that could lead to an actual deal.

Now lets go over what the Devils could be getting in exchange:

Jonathan Bernier is a 23 year old goaltender who is splitting time with Jonathan Quick. Its seems that at the moment Quick is going to be their main guy in net which leaves Bernier as valuable trade bait for the Kings. Last season Bernier had a record of 25-11 with a GAA of 2.48 and a .913 save percentage. Pretty good numbers if you ask me. He would bring the Devils youth in net and will be the heir to the net once Martin Brodeur retires. I’d like to see this.

Dustin Brown is currently the captain of the Kings so we know Brown could be a leader in the locker room. Last season Brown scored 28 goals and 29 assists with a +17 +/- rating. I could imagine Brown playing right wing on the first line with Kovalchuk. With that combination Brown’s assists would fly through the roof and more importantly helping Kovalchuk put more pucks in the back of the net. That is something all Devils fans want to see. That is a win in my book.

Jack Johnson is a great offensive defenseman that would be a huge help on the powerplay giving the Devils a threat on the point. If there is one thing the Devils are lacking right now is offensive defenseman. The best offensive defenseman on the Devils at the moment is Andy Greene and he has not been cutting it. Last season Johnson had 5 goals and 37 assists. Again a huge get for the Devils.

Now the Devils would have to give something back in return with Parise. My guess since there is a goaltender coming to the Devils, a goaltender is going to have to go and its not going to be Brodeur. My guess is Hedberg will be the one joining Parise on a flight to LA. Hedberg has been playing really well this season and comes with a rather cheap deal. The only thing keeping him is if he doesn’t decide to waive his no trade clause.

Only time will tell. Feel free to give your opinions on this rumor.


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Oh boy. This certainly should not come as a surprise to anybody since the day Zach Parise only resigned to a 1 year contract this summer. But The Fourth Period has reported that the Devils have been in talks to deal Zach Parise to Los Angeles for goaltender Jonathan Bernier and for either Dustin Brown, Jack Johnson or Dustin Penner. This would be a huge blockbuster deal for both clubs.

Personally I would like to see this deal happen because if the Devils could get Bernier and Brown for Parise and someone else, it would instantly make the Devils a bigger threat on offense along with providing youth in net. Bernier would be a great replacement for Brodeur. Also there is a huge chance that if the Devils don’t resign Parise to a long term deal during the season that he may not resign this summer. So if the Devils can profit off the the loss of Parise they should definitely make this deal happen.

This is a must read.