Watch: Pete DeBoer on GEICO SportsNite

Watch Pete DeBoer on last night’s episode of GEICO SportsNite. The Devils look to even the series at 2 in the Eastern Conference Finals against the New York Rangers.

Devils-Rangers Game 3 Preview


After being shutout in Game 1 the Devils knew that there were changes that needed to be made if they were going to get back in this series. The changes helped which gave the Devils a 3-2 victory in Game 2. They were getting more bodies in front of Henrik Lundqvist who saw every shot in Game 1. By getting bodies in front lead to 2 Devils’ goals including the game winning redirect from David Clarkson. Another big adjustment the Devils needed to make from Game 1 was controlling the flow of play in the 3rd period. Game 1 the Devils surrendered the first goal of the game 53 seconds into the 3rd to Dan Girardi. They didn’t allow that to happen in game 2 out shooting the Rangers 10-8in the 3rd period. If the Devils want to win Game 3 they will have to make sure Lundqvist can’t see a thing and control the pace of play the whole game but most importantly the 3rd period.

Read: Lundqvist Compared To Brodeur

Here is a great article that really compares the two goaltenders. Both are great in their own right but in the article it really favors the 40 year old goaltender Martin Brodeur with great evidence. Definitely check it out here.