Stat of the Day: Offensive Woes

The Devils are currently ranked 28th in the league in Goals Per Game with a 2.00 average. The Washington Capitals are leading the league with an average of 3.78. That is quite a high number that the Devils can not come close to but they need to get that average up. The lack of goal scoring has hurt them over the last couple games on their road trip out west. This is a rather troubling stat for a team that is suppose to have more offensive power with the return of Zach Parise.

Stat of the Day: Road Worries

The Devils’ season is still very young but there is one stat they need to change in a hurry if they want to contend for the playoffs. At home they are a perfect 19 for 19 on the penalty kill. Conversely the Devils have given up 3 powerplay goals in 7 chances. That has to change fast. The Devils go on a three game west coast trip this week now would be a good time to change.

Stat of the Day: Kovy Point Per Game But…

Ilya Kovalchuk has 4 points in 4 games so far. (2 G and 2 A) The troubling stat is that Kovalchuk is -2 despite having those 4 points. Kovalchuk had a team worst -26 last season. A big thing for Kovalchuk is being a defensive player along with an offensive force.

Stat of the Day: Elias is hot against Nashville

In the 15 games Patrik Elias has played against the Nashville Predators he has 5 goals and 10 assists. A point per game, not too shabby. Hopefully he can keep that going tonight against the Predators.