Brodeur’s trade comments were poorly timed

Jeff OConnor

The comments by Martin Brodeur to Rich Chere of the Star-Ledger are absolutely baffling.

Martin Brodeur

For one, the timing is really bad. It’s November. The team hasn’t even played 20 games yet. The Devils aren’t exactly dead in the water. There’s no need to even comment at all.

Then, not only does he answer it, he gives the newspaper a book worth of quotes. Simple answer to the question:  “Marty, would you be open to considering a trade to a contender?”  “I’m not even thinking about that right now. I’m focused on helping this team.” He did essentially say that among his sea of quotes, but that should have been his ONLY response.

Even if he has thought about being traded to a top team, why say that to the media? What good will that do? All he’s done now is essentially tell Devils fans that he has pondered playing in another uniform. Not exactly what they wanted to hear in the season’s second month.

I get it. That question was definitely a possibility to pop up. How about answering that way in January or February when the team is out of the race? That would be a little easier for Devils fans to digest. Not a dozen or so games into a season with a lot of change in the forward stable from over the offseason.

Doesn’t he know this fanbase has seen enough with players leaving recently? Really…you needed to say that? This is a team that has lost its best three players in the last 12 months. Now, they have to be prepared for a potential fourth in a 19-month span?

Also, I think Marty is a little bitter over last season. Chicago is one of the teams who came calling last offseason. You know the rest. The Devils upped their offer to two years, Marty stayed and the Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup with Corey Crawford in net. You can’t tell me that that doesn’t eat at No. 30, even just a little bit.

Lastly, there’s no way Marty would ever ask to be traded. He’s not that type of guy. GM Lou Lamoriello would have to approach him about such a situation. So yes, Marty is not looking to be traded or wants to be traded, but having that type of response to that question just a handful of games into the season was not the wisest decision he’s ever made.


NEWS: Devils Re-Acquire Alexei Ponikarovsky

Alexei Ponikarovsky is back in black (and red). The Devils re-acquired the left wing in a trade with the Winnipeg Jets in exchange for a fourth- and a seventh-round pick in the 2013 draft. You may remember the Devils let Ponikarovsky walk in the offseason after he put up seven goals and 20 points in 33 regular-season games last season. He also had a goal and eight assists during the Devils’ run to the Stanley Cup final.

So why bring Ponikarovsky back? You mean besides the gaping hole at left wing on the first and fourth lines? Kidding.

And then there’s this…

The Devils said they will send a player down to the AHL to make room for Ponikarovsky, who plans to fly to New Jersey tomorrow and be available to play Friday.

Corey Griffin

The Devils also announced Dainius Zubrus will need surgery and be sidelined for two to eight weeks, but we’ll get into that in another post. As for this move, it seems pretty obvious the “player” the Devils were waiting on last summer was Zach Parise and Ponikarovsky chose to sign a one-year, $1.8 million deal with Winnipeg instead of waiting for New Jersey. He should help provide solid depth up front, especially with Zubrus out until possibly late April. The Devils have been trying to find someone, anyone to fit in at left wing on the top line alonside Travis Zajac and Ilya Kovalchuk and Ponikarovsky did show a nice scoring touch during last season’s limited run. I’d expect him to get at least get a game to audition there, possibly as early as Friday night against Philly.

It also depends on who the Devils send down. It would in no way shock me if it’s Stefan Matteau, who has played better since his contract situation was “resolved,” but remains far from a top-line player. He was mostly playing there because Pete DeBoer was reluctant to break up the incredibly efficient second and third lines for more than a shift or two. The other options are Andrei Loktionov (which would surprise me) and Bobby Butler. I can’t seem them sending Loktionov back to Albany after one optional practice when Lou specifically said the coaches wanted to take a couple days to see what they had. As for Butler, he’s played pretty well since he was called up and seems like a good fit on the fourth line. Plus, Butler is a natural right wing, so he’ll likely stick unless they want to play Jacob Josefson or Matteau on the right side on that fourth line.

Regardless, a lot of moving parts right now in New Jersey.


NEWS: Devils Acquire Loktionov From Kings

This just in via the wonderful world of Twitter:

Here’s a scouting report from Hockey’s Future on Loktionov:

Loktionov is a solid two-way player who can fulfill various roles on the team ranging from a defensive expert on shorthanded units to a playmaker on a power-play unit.  He sees the ice well and effectively uses his linemates, creating a number of scoring chances.  A couple of more significant improvement areas for Loktionov include his faceoff skills and his scoring ability.  Specifically in regards to his scoring ability, while always a danger in the offensive zone, Loktionov prefers to pass rather than shoot and in a shot-filled North American style of hockey a more multi-dimensional game would make him more dangerous and hard to contain.

Corey Griffin

We’ve talked about the team needing to increase its forward depth and this trade does exactly that, despite Loktionov being sent to Albany for the time being. While he might not be the top-six forward many had hoped the Devils would add, this seems more in line with how Lou Lamoriello has gone about his business this season. Also, the addition of Loktionov gives the Devils someone to legitimately push Jacob Josefson with from inside the organization. Prior to this trade, Josefson’s roster spot was about as secure as he could expect, given the lack of options to replace him. However, Josefson continues to skate primarily on the fourth line despite being given multiple chances on the top units. I wouldn’t be surprised if Loktionov gets the call to the Devils once they decide to send Stefan Matteau back to junior. The fifth-round pick isn’t anything of note, so all in all a very solid trade for the Devils.


Breaking News: Marek Zidlicky Waives No Trade Clause To Come To New Jersey

Darren Drager tweeted this morning reporting that the Minnesota Wild defenseman Marek Zidlicky has waived his no trade clause to come to the Devils. No deal has officially made. Things are in the works. Zidlicky has 1 more year left on his deal after this season at a $4 million cap hit.

I think this would be great for Zidlicky and the Devils. He will provide great depth for the Devils as they hope to move up in the standings. If the Devils don’t have to give up too much for him it’ll be a great deal for the Devils.


Breaking News: Devils’ Financial Woes Could Lead To Parise’s Departure

The Fourth Period is reporting that the NHL may have to advance the Devils $20 million to be able to pay the payroll for the rest of season. One of the biggest contracts on the team is soon to be free agent Zach Parise.

Now it is already suspect that Parise may not be back with the team next season but it seems like the Devils may not be able to afford him for the rest of the season. So it may seem that the Devils might have to trade Parise for draft picks to ease up on some one the payroll.

This is troubling news for the Devils because there is no doubt that Zach Parise will bring in revenue next season should he resign but could really hurt the team off the ice should he depart. Definitely give this a read.


Discuss: Will Parise Really Go Somewhere Else?

The latest bit on the Zach Parise ordeal is that although money is going to be a factor in where he plays next season he really wants to play for a team that has a shot of winning a Stanley Cup.

If you were to ask me in the beginning of the season if the Devils were a Stanley Cup team I would have said ‘absolutely not’ but as the season as gone on the Devils have had their fair share of ups and downs. Now if they continue to play how they have played in the last 18 games, during which they have gone 12-5-1, they could be a huge threat in the playoffs. If the Devils can make it to the 2nd round of the playoffs that maybe all the convincing Parise needs to stay with the club. That will ensure that the Devils can be contenders for years to come with emerging players like Adam Henrique and Adam Larsson.

Now Parise is not going to be the only one helping the team make run in the playoffs but he has a good mix of youth (Adam Henrique and Adam Larsson) and experience (Patrik Elias and Anton Volchenkov) in the lineup. This team has the opportunity to help Parise lead this team because lets face it this is Parise’s team. He is the captain, the face. Unless he goes somewhere else this will be his team.

But as the years go on the older players like Elias and Brodeur will not long be able to play. A sad day that will be but it is going to happen. With the way Lou Lamoriello has built this team in the past was through the farm system and I think he has made a lot of smart moves to where the younger guys in the minors will someday be able to come in a fill the void. IE Kinkaid for Brodeur.

Now with a current Devils’ squad that is qualified to make a run in the playoffs this year and years to come thanks to the great farm system that Lou has built. Winning in New Jersey is a very possible goal should Parise stay and lead this team. The only issue remaining is money. If Zach gives the Devils a little home town discount I’m pretty sure its safe to say he would sign in the $7 million range just because he has established himself with this team and he is the go to guy. He may not get that anywhere else that also has a shot of winning a Cup. I think the Devils can find another million to add on to Parise current 1 year $6 million deal.

I maybe complete wrong but I think Parise has all the right reasons to stay in New Jersey. He could get the money he deserves along with ability to win now and in the future. I don’t think he is going to go any where else. He is here to stay  in New Jersey.


Read: Should The Devils Trade Martin Brodeur?

There is an article on Bleacher Report saying that the Devils must trade Martin Brodeur now. They say that it would be tough for the Devils to resign Brodeur after this season when his contract expires. It has been obviously especially lately that Brodeur has not been up to par.

But really think about it with Brodeur’s play this season do you really think any other team is going to want to trade for an aging goaltender for half a season? I don’t think so. With the injuries that Brodeur has encountered over the last couple seasons you have to figure that this is more than likely going to be his final season especially if there is going to be any work stoppage coming up this summer.

In the article they mention that if Brodeur does return next season it will only prevent the AHL prospects from getting some time in the NHL. If you recall I talked about those AHL prospects the other day. If you don’t remember you can find it here. I still think that Kinkaid and Frazee would be a good young tandem for the Devils next season. Give this a read.